About Us

At East Coast Vanstyle we have always had a passion for vehicles that stand out from the crowd.

We love nothing more than to explore and adventure.

So why not combine the two?


We have 10+ years of experience in styling and upgrading VW Transporters but also spread our focus across a broad spectrum of vehicles from Sprinters to Supercharged Range Rovers to World Rally Cars.

Whatever your upgrade requirement, please don't hesitate to contact us. With so many options and upgrades available it allows every owner to personalise your vehicle your way and we are here to help you complete the process.


 If we can't help we may know someone who can.

We feel very strongly that everyone should be able to realise the potential of their vehicle in both it's function and aesthetics. At East Coast Vanstyle we can assist you to maximise the fulfilment, enjoyment and function of your vehicle whether it be a Work Van, Camper Van, Race Van, Off Roader or anything in between.

Whether you have specific requirements and know exactly what you want from your vehicle, or if you are unsure and want to explore the possibilities, talk to us today to see what options we can offer.